WSCO provides legal and commercial advice based on deep insight into a number of industries that are the exclusive focus of the firm.

The industries are shipping and transport, energy and offshore, construction and real property, global trade and insurance. In addition comes dispute resolution (litigation and arbitration) which is a horizontal area in the firm.

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The businesses we focus on have a number of common traits, such as long investment horizons, high net worth, complex collaboration patterns and considerable risks.

Our attorneys have many years of experience with these industries, either as practicing attorneys or as in-house counsel or executives in larger corporations. The individual attorney has thus built up great insight and many years of experience in handling the numerous complex matters arising in the relevant industry.

At the same time WSCO can  offer a complete full-service solution, as groups of the firm’s attorneys can be mobilized to handle the largest cases for the individual industries. This makes the legal services more cost-efficient, as the resources are used more optimally.

Cases are only with those resources that are necessary. An example could be an acquisition or a divestment within the energy industry. Here WSCO can assign one leading partner with specialized experience in the industry and one attorney with specialized experience in contracts and corporate law. Even in case of large transactions there will typically only be a need for additional support in the form of a junior lawyer. Another example could be a large litigation case involving maritime law where WSCO can assign one leading partner with specialized experience in maritime law and, if required, one attorney with specialized experience in insurance.

With this approach to our work, we are able to offer the highest possible quality and assurance while controlling costs.