Nordic German Law Seminar, Hamburg 9 March 2020 – focus on shipping, offshore and insurance

24 January 2020. WSCO hosts our annual Nordic-German Law Seminar in Hamburg on Monday 9 March 2020 from 15:00 hours. There will be five speeches by the lawyers from WSCO, Selmer (Norway) and Morssing & Nycander (Sweden) with a subsequent reception in the beautiful surroundings. Admission to the seminar is free (but registration required). The event is held at the Hotel Atlantic Kempinski. Full program and further details can be seen on the event website, where you can also register. We look forward to welcoming you in Hamburg!

Offshore facilities: final commissioning and initial start-up in oil and gas and offshore wind

23 January 2020. The transfer from a development project to operations and production is one of the most critical phases in both oil and gas project and offshore wind projects. We have prepared an overview article describing the most critical issues to be addressed in this critical phase. The issues include contracts, regulatory affairs, internal ownership issues and HR and data control. The article can be read here: Final commissioning and initial start-up.

Theft of tobacco from trailer not covered under cargo insurance as transport had not commenced

22 January 2020. The Maritime and Commercial Court recently examined whether the theft of tobacco products was covered under the cargo policy agreed between a wholesaler and a carrier and whether the wholesaler’s insurer was liable. It is clear from the judgment that cargo insurance coverage under the Danish Extended Conditions requires that the transport of insured goods commences immediately after loading onto the means of transport has taken place. Theft of tobacco from trailer not covered under cargo insurance as transport had not commenced

Temperature deviation and gross negligence under CMR

8 January 2020. A recent Maritime and Commercial Court decision concerned carrier liability for temperature damage to a consignment of pharmaceuticals. The court’s judgment signals that carriers must make quick decisions and implement actions to respond to temperature alarms in order to avoid unlimited liability. Read more: Temperature deviation and gross negligence under CMR

Revised executive order on access to natural gas pipelines

6 January 2020. A new Executive Order on third party access to upstream natural gas pipelines has been issued to take effect 1 January 2020. We have prepared a briefing note on the revised Order and an overview of the rules and regulations governing third party access within gas in Denmark. The note can be read here: Third-party access to upstream natural gas pipelines.