Denmark is among the world’s leading shipping nations, and a substantial part of the world’s tonnage is controlled and operated from Denmark. We assist in legal and commercial matters concerning the operation of ships and shipowning activities. For many years we assisted shipowners and operators in the shipping industry in relation to risk-management issues and in connection with negotiations and contract issues.  Our knowledge of the sector enables us to provide refined advice on, for example:

  • Preparation of tariffs and conditions of carriage.
  • Shipbuilding and repair contracts
  • Sale and purchase of ships and registration.
  • Crewing issues.
  • Purchase of bunkers.
  • Technical and commercial management agreements.
  • Pool agreements.
  • Insurance – related issues.

Our clients are shipowners, charterers, operators, P&I and Hull Clubs and –underwriters. Our firm is a recognized as a leading adviser within shipping law.