Road, rail and air

Carriage by road

A significant part of all transport is performed by road (in Europe governed by the CMR). Transport damage, loss, delay and wrongful delivery may give rise to claims for compensation against carriers and recourse claims against sub-carriers and sub-contractors.

The CMR Convention provides uniform rules on the liability pertaining to international road carriage but the correct interpretation of the rules is to be decided by the national courts. And the courts’ interpretation of the CMR differs on important points, such as the carrier’s right to limit liability.

We conduct a vast number of cases in this area before the Maritime and Commercial Court.

We have particular expertise in ensuring efficient and proactive international coordination of our clients’ CMR disputes. We assist transport customers, hauliers, logistic services providers, brokers and insurers in all aspects of road transport, such as:

  • CMR and national road transport
  • Trucking agreements
  • Road transport licences
  • Driving- and rest periods
  • Contracts pertaining to the acquisition and renting of trailers and trucks
  • Road hauliers’ liability insurance

Carriage by air 

Carriage by air is a significant mode of transport, particularly for certain types of cargo including valuables, medicine and pharmaceuticals, electronic goods and temperature-sensitive consignments. Air carriage gives rise to complex liability issues governed by, inter alia, the ”Warsaw -System”, the Montreal Convention and IATA-terms and conditions.

We assist air carriers, operators, charterers, transport customers and insurers with all aspects of damage, loss, delay and wrongful delivery of goods in relation to international carriage by air. We assist in cases concerning damage to airplanes and in relation to the interpretation of IATA-terms and conditions on infra-structure and ground handling.

Carriage by rail 

An increasing portion of all carriage of goods is performed by rail, in particular when cargo is to be carried over long distances. Liability issues arising from rail transport are inter alia governed by the CIM Regulation and contract terms and conditions. We assist and provide advice on all aspects of international rail carriage.