Multimodal transport

Contracts on carriage that is performed by several means of transport have a substantial and increasing commercial importance. The transport customers do not attach importance to the means of transport used but attach importance to their goods being carried quickly, cost-effectively and without damage. In Denmark multimodal transport is not governed by particular legislation and, consequently, questions of liability arising from multimodal transport may be governed by the legislation applicable to road, sea, rail or air carriage or may fall outside the scope of such legislation.

In many instances liability arising from damage in multimodal transport may be decided on the basis of contract terms and conditions, including conditions stipulated in general transport contracts, or on the basis of options for the substitution of means of transport, or according to network liability rules. Terms and conditions in multimodal transport documents may also be of relevance in this respect.

We are one of Denmark’s leading law firms in this area, and we continuously conduct a vast number or court cases on the application of rules and their interpretation as well as liability issues in relation to multimodal transport. We have extensive expertise in preparing contracts within this area.