Logistic services providers

We assist Danish and international freight forwarders and logistic services providers and transport customers with all legal and commercial issues in relation to contracts for logistic services and in matters involving transactions in this sector. We have in-depth knowledge of NSAB 2000 and NSAB 2015 (General Conditions of the Nordic Association of Freight Forwarders), FIATA, COMBICONBILL, MULTIDOC 95 and other terms and conditions generally applied in the sector.

We assist in cases involving:

  • Tender processes.
  • Logistic services agreements.
  • Lien and retention.
  • Liability of customers pursuant to NSAB and FIATA and on other basis.
  • Customs clearance, customs debts and drawback.
  • Product liability of freight forwarders.
  • Freight forwarders’ liability insurance.
  • Cabotage.
  • Financing.
  • Transactions (M&A).

Our attorneys regularly plead cases on the interpretation of NSAB 2000 (NSAB 2015) and other terms and conditions, including issues of general importance to the industry, before the Supreme Court of Denmark. Jesper Windahl has published the first Danish legal text book on freight forwarders’ and hauliers’ liability insurance. Jesper Windahl also lectures on this subject at the Danish Insurance Academy.