Transport and marine

Cargo insurance

For many years we have assisted clients with all aspects of cargo insurance. Coverage under Institute Cargo Clauses (ICC terms) or Danish Cargo Conditions is closely connected with the provisions of the purchase or sales contract. We provide assistance in relation to:

  • Advice on risk issues and in relation to applicable Incoterms.
  • Issues of damage to cargo.
  • Scope of coverage and claims adjustment.
  • Exclusions of coverage.

Liability insurance

We assist clients with all legal issues related to P&I-, carriers’- and freight forwarders’ liability insurance. For many years we have worked intensively on P&I and FD&D insurance issues in Copenhagen and abroad. We assist clients with:

  • Shipper and carrier liability.
  • The non insurance covered liability in contracts of carriage.
  • Exclusions of coverage.
  • Special liability issues.

Comprehensive and hull insurance

We assist in matters concerning the coverage of damage to ships, offshore platforms and installations, including:

  • Collision liability (RDC).
  • General average.
  • Total loss.
  • Machinery damage.

We advise clients on coverage issues in relation to claims under the Nordic Insurance Plan and other hull terms.