Private international law

International treaties on jurisdiction, choice of law and the enforcement of international judgments, CISG and a wide range of internationally recognized standard terms make global disputes legally complex; this creates pitfalls and opportunities!

The outcome of a global dispute often depends on the country in which an action is to be brought, and the law applicable. However, it is often the case that the contract clause on jurisdiction, choice of law or arbitration is not binding on the parties. Windahl Sandroos & Co. can ensure that an uncertain wording of the clause, legal ambiguity or commercial interests are identified and utilized to secure the best outcome for our client.

Windahl Sandroos & Co. has extensive experience in assessing and interpreting arbitration clauses, enabling us to ensure that our client’s case be dealt with at the optimal legal venue. Arbitration of a dispute entails tactical and commercial advantages and disadvantages, which can be used to secure the best possible outcome with the right legal advice.