Debt recovery

A judgment without subsequent enforcement is of no value.

When assessing a case Windahl Sandroos & Co. therefore always considers the likelihood of our counterparty’s default or non-payment.

We represent creditors before the Danish Courts in restructuring and bankruptcy proceedings. We assess the possibility of obtaining a privileged position to the assets of the estate and advise our clients about their rights as concern the retention of goods, money or services, regardless of whether these rights are based on the law, pledged security, a maritime lien or agreed documents, such as NSAB2000.

The firm’s attorneys have advised clients on the retention of goods and services of a very diverse nature, such as data, international data transmission, public concerts, perishable goods and utilities.

We encourage our clients to monitor their debt and to call us immediately if there is any doubt about a customer’s ability to pay. Together we can then assess how to apply the best legal and commercial pressure on the customer to secure payment.

We have extensive experience giving advice to debt collection companies, and we know how to recover debts. We know what works; we have avoided unnecessary costs that others have incurred, and we have achieved results where others have given up.