Regulatory affairs

Windahl Sandroos & Co. advises clients in legislative matters in the upstream oil and gas, electricity, energy infrastructure, renewable energy and related offshore industries.

Due to our extensive knowledge of the rules and regulations governing these types of activities in Denmark and around the North Sea, we can advise both Danish and international clients on the right course of action, prioritization and strategy.

Assignments include:

  • Preparing applications for operating permits, licences and dispensations.
  • Drafting general correspondence with authorities.
  • Assisting companies in responding to consultations regarding new legislation on offshore energy.
  • Representing clients in discussions with government and municipal authorities, as well as agencies and licence-granting bodies.

Over the years we have worked with a number of Danish and European regulatory bodies, such as the Danish Energy Agency, the European Commission, the Danish Environmental Protection Agency, the Danish Maritime Agency, the Danish Working Environment Authority, and similar government bodies.

Moreover we are often able to facilitate contact with relevant authorities, industry associations and industry stakeholders where this is deemed relevant.