Project execution

WSCO assists the client from the signing and project commencement until or after project completion.

In connection with  construction projects, it is most frequently the case today that questions or actual disputes arise about changes, extra claims, delays, time extension, project matters, defects and possible damage, etc., and such issues must be handled quickly and efficiently in order to protect the client’s position and interests.

Close and expeditious dialogue between the client and the attorney during the construction phase and at project completion, combined with the securing of evidence, can in many cases prevent or mitigate subsequent disputes. In other cases such dialogue and securing of evidence will often be decisive for later determination of the outcome of a dispute.

WSCO prioritizes and is recognized for being proactive, efficient and accessible also during construction works, and meetings are often held at the site or at the client’s premises. This also builds a strong relationship between the client, his organization and the legal adviser.